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Removing the Left Panel from Google Maps

Question asked by MediaSmith on Dec 22, 2011


Removing the Left Panel from Google Maps


I've been spending some time looking for a way to have the Left Panel closed when the Web Viewer opens on a Google Map.  I found an addition to the statement that works - sometimes!  The majic addition is the "output=embeded" at the end.

"" & Latitude & ",+" & Longitude & "+(Location " & LocationNum & ")&iwloc=A&hl=en&output=embeded"


This works great on my iPad but it does not work at all on my Windows 7 machine or my iMac.  Also, once I get it open on the iPad, I can't open the Left Panel.  The little triangular thingy is not there.

Can anyone tell my why?  Can it be fixed?