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Removing The Shadow For Slide Panel

Question asked by BrianWoods on May 17, 2015
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Removing The Shadow For Slide Panel


I have FMP13 Adv and am developing a solution to display customized data.  Because the results can be organized in multiple  ways, I've decided to use slide panels.  Based on the user's choices, Filemaker will automatically navigate to the appropriate panel via a script.

I want to eliminate the user from navigating to any of the other slide panels. And to make it appear as though there's only one panel I'd l I'd like to remove all formatting from the slide panels (e.g. the dots, fill and shadowing).  Filemaker will let me remove the dots, the fill, and the outer shadow.  However, the inner shadow cannot be changed because it's grayed out.  Thus the outline of the panel remains.

Is there any way around this?  Is this a glitch in FMP?  Or could I have a corrupted copy?