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    Removing white space in a subsummary report



      Removing white space in a subsummary report



        I have 8 divisions each with several tasks and I am creating a financial report to show their spending in the last period.  My boss wants the summary data for 7 of the 8 divisions and wants to see the individual task spending for the last division.  The layout pulls from the task table aka one record for every task.  I created several new calculation fields that are only non empty when the task is of Division8 (aka If[Division=8;task name]).  I have one subsummary that sorts by Division name and contains my financial summary fields, and my body contains the new fields that only show Division8.  All the fields in the body have slide printing enabled.


      Everything works great except I have extra white space that I can't get rid of.  The slide printing works but I think being in the body it is leaving a tiny sliver of space for each task (which creates a large white space).  I normally don't use a body part with this technique, just another subsummary field. 


      Any ideas on how to remove the little sliver of space for each task would be greatly appreciated.  Will a body part always leave space?



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          If I read this correctly, you have the "reduce the size of the enclosing part" option selected, but since there is a small amount of white space between your field and the bottom of the body part boundary, that small white space remains after the slide and shrink takes place.


          If one of your fields does not have a visible boundary, resize it to extend down to the very edge of the body. Then, the slide/shrink should shrink the entire body part.


          If that's not possible:

          I haven't tried this myself, but perhaps you could create a single calculation field set to return a single space character if the other fields are not blank and is blank if the other fields are also. Size and place this field in the offending white space between the other fields and the body border. Set it to slide/shrink like the others making sure that no part of this field overlaps any field above it even by one pixel.)


          I think that'll work.

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               Thanks, it worked!