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    Rename Database



      Rename Database



           I was reading various posts on how to rename your database.  My database currently resides only on my machine, and is not related to any other files.  It is not yet being used by anyone but myself.  Do I need to use the "Developer Utilities" to rename the file, or can I just rename the database file in my operating system just as I would rename any folder or document?


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               There are at least three ways to do it:

               1) From the menu when the file is open, File >Save a Copy As . . .  [New Name] (My preferred method)

               2) Copy and paste the file within "the operating system"

               3) Just renaming the file within "the operating system"

               Options 1) and 2) leave you a backup copy. 3) does not.


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                 Thanks Brent!

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                   But a word of caution for anytime that you change the name of your file.

                   Simple FileMaker Databases are unlikely to have an issue but...

                   Certain functions that you might choose to use in a calculation in either a script, a field, conditional format, portal filter, FMP 13's new Hide Object When, or a tool tip (did I miss a spot?) require you to specify the name of your file. If you put the name of your file in quotes instead of using Get ( FileName ) to refer to the name of your current database file, changing the file name could result in a function that fails to return a value, which then creates an issue in your database file. ValueListItems is one example of such a function, but there are others.

                   There can also be script steps that refer to the name of your first window to open by name and since the default name for this window is the name of your database file, renaming the file renames the window so this is yet another place to use Get ( FileName ) instead of typing in the actual file name in quotes in order to avoid this issue.

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                     Thanks Phil,

                     These were the sorts of things I was worried about!  2 questions:

                1.           When I rename the database, the relative base directory for containers in File: Manage: Containers doesn't change.  I'm not using containers yet, but I will.  Can I just delete the old path and create a new one with the new file name?
                3.           Would renaming the file via Tools: Developers Utilities be the safest option?  I tried that, but so many other things were going on in the dev utilities window that I was worried I was over my head.  I've started doing some research on how and why 'Tools: Developers Utilities' is used, but I've got so many other subjects on my plate (re: actually creating the database) that I was hoping to deal with this renaming issue as quickly and safely as possible


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                       1) if it's "relative"--which should mean "relative to the current location of this database file", you shouldn't need to make any change as long as the relative path is still valid. But I'd definitely double check this to be sure.

                       2) I've never really needed to use that tool as I try to make design choices that avoid using quoted text to explicitly refer to  the database file's name nor the name of any table occurrences or fields. That allows me to simply rename the file (or rename a field or table occurrence) without fear of negative repercussions for the function of my database. (Note: you can manage this even when using SQL in the ExecuteSQL function.)

                       You might try a small test. Set up, say the valueListITems function in a calculation with the name of your file in quotes. Try out this utility on it and see if the quoted text is updated to show the correct file name. I believe that's the purpose of this tool, but since I haven't needed to use it, I hesitate to make any kind of guarantee that it will work in all cases.

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                         If i simply rename the database, or even if I use Developer utilities- when I go to File: Manage: containers, the name of the relative path is still: [database location]/2/ .  "2" is the current name of my database.  Since you can't edit a path, I just assume I should delete it and create a new path were I replace "2" with my new database name.  Any objections to that approach?

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                           None that I can think of. I'm just surprised that you need to.

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                             If you just rename the database, you shouldn't have to delete and recreate the path. It should remain the same.

                             But if you want to move the file to another folder, a safer way, is to save the file as "Self Contained File". This will "Create a copy of the current file with all container data that is stored externally (both open and secure storage) embedded in the file’s container fields."

                             Then when you are done, go to manage database, select the container field and choose the the storage option "Store container data externally".

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                               Thanks Phil and Brent.

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                                 Yes and now that I think about this more carefully, FileMaker would have to keep that path unchanged as it references a directory created to store the external files. If that path changed with the file name change, you'd lose access to the files stored in the original folder.