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    Rename File



      Rename File



           I am using FM Pro 12 Advanced.

           I developed a little database with a couple of Scripts. Then I renamed the file with the Developer Utilities funktion.

           The problem now is, that the Scripts and all new Scripts still contain the old filename!?

           Does anybody know how I can get FM to recognize the new filename?


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               Can you post an example of the script steps where they didn't change?


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                 Hello PhilModJunk,

                 for example something like :

                 Go to field [Test System::Insert Question]    .... or any other "Go to ..." functions

                 It should rather be :

                 Go to field [System Test::Insert Question]

                 Because the new filename now is "System Test".



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                   The text shown in bold is not a file name. It is a "table occurrence" name. Open Manage | database | Relationships in your renamed file. Each "box" in this tab panel is a "table occurrence" and you'll find that you still have one named Test System. Renaming your file does not alter the name of any existing tables or table occurrences.

                   How this happens:

                   When you first created the file, FileMaker automatically created a table of the same name as you initially specified for the file. It also created a table occurrence box of the same name and also a layout with this same name. But a table (also called a data source table), a table occurrence and a layout are not the same thing. After their initial creation, you can rename any of these and the names of the other objects that coincidentally have exactly the same name, will not update to match.

                   None of this, however, should effect the ability of your database to function correctly.

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                     Hello PhilModJunk,

                     thank you very much. That was great. Got it and it works.

                     Imagine, the mess I have created on a copy file...

                     You are right , it was perfectly working nevertheless. Only a little bit irritating.

                     Thank you!