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Renaming FileMaker Server database file

Question asked by MarkCampbell on May 8, 2014
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Renaming FileMaker Server database file


     I have seen several responses to this question but i am not sure I understand the steps correctly and don't want to hose up the database for all our users. We have a FM Server 13 with a database let's say is called Old.fmp12 and we wish to rename it to New.fmp12. I believe these are the steps I have read to do this:

     1. In the Server console close Old.fmp12

     2. On the Server itself find the Old.fmp12 file and manually rename it to New.fmp12

     3. In the Server console import New.fmp12 (presumably Old.fmp12 just disappears from the database list)

     Is that right? Am I missing a step? Is there a better (safer) way of doing this?