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    Renaming FileMaker Server database file



      Renaming FileMaker Server database file


           I have seen several responses to this question but i am not sure I understand the steps correctly and don't want to hose up the database for all our users. We have a FM Server 13 with a database let's say is called Old.fmp12 and we wish to rename it to New.fmp12. I believe these are the steps I have read to do this:

           1. In the Server console close Old.fmp12

           2. On the Server itself find the Old.fmp12 file and manually rename it to New.fmp12

           3. In the Server console import New.fmp12 (presumably Old.fmp12 just disappears from the database list)

           Is that right? Am I missing a step? Is there a better (safer) way of doing this?

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               You might want to close the current file, then take an up to date back up copy, rename it, then upload it to the server. (Close it to keep users from modifying data and produce a file out of synch with the copy that you are renaming.)

               I'd then connect to and test the renamed copy of the file to make sure that there are no issues.

               Usually, renaming a file results in no issues with the file, but certain design elements might be affected by the file name change.

               Some design functions refer to a file by name, if you put the name of your file in quotes instead of using the Get ( Filename ) function, the function will now fail to return the correct result.

               Example: ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "valueListNameInQuotesHere" )  will be just fine, but:

               ValueListItems ( "Old.fmp12" ; "valueListNameInQuotesHere" ) will now return an empty string instead of the list of values from the value list.

               if you have multiple files in your database system and any of the other files use external data source references to access the file that you are renaming, those references will need to be updated to refer to the file by its new name.

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                 Thanks. I am a bit vague on making a backup - I have consulted the literature and I have found one reference to making a backup by exporting records table by table (this seems way to arduous and I doubt it will get all the layout information). I have found another reference to using FM Server to make backups. We have that scheduled and it is working but I am not sure what to do with yesterday's backup to restore as another name.

                 Could it be as simple as: I close the DB, the system administrator copies the file from Old.fmp13 to New.fmp13, Then I Open Remote and open the new database?

                 Or do I need to use the backup/restore functions in FM Server to get a copy?

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                   You should have FileMaker Server setup up to make at least one backup copy of the file a night. Failure to do so puts your data unecessarily at risk.

                   You can add use the admin console to run such a schedule on command so you can run the back up schedule and then rename and upload the back up copy produced by it..

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                     That worked like a champ. Thanks!!!!!