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    Renaming Files - Missisng Paths



      Renaming Files - Missisng Paths


       Running:   FMP 8.9v3 Advanced (I'm new here)  on Windows XP


      Recently upon opening a database, I am getting a mesage that reads:

       "FILENAME .fp7 could not be opened (not found)."


      Every time I open the database I am forced to navigate to the orignal file.

      I think it might have something to do with renaming the database file?????

      How do I fix this annoyance???    

      PS - Fortunately for the futrue I've discovered the Developer Utilities where I understand I can rename to my heart's content.


      THANKS for your help!!!


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          You are right, that it has to do with renaming the files. To stop the database from asking for the file each time you open it, go to File, Define File References. For each reference that uses the remaned file, choose "edit". Delete the path that is there and use the  the reference and use the Add File button to find the renamed file and put in the new path. (You can also just edit the path if that is easier.) You will have to do this in any file that references the renamed file.