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    Renaming or Rebuilding Layouts



      Renaming or Rebuilding Layouts


      I would like to "safely" create NEW layouts and use the NAME of the Already existing layouts because a lot of scripts refer to these layouts by name.


      My Definition of "safely":

      I would prefer my scripts don't forget the layout name where it should go to.


      Is there a safe way to do this?


      Someone will ask for a reason....Ok the current layouts are ugly, use different  colours etc etc I want to duplicate the same basic layout and it's buttons and add the appropriate table fields for each layout.




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          Scripts actually refer to layouts by an internal serial number rather than by their name unless you use the "by calculation/Name" option in the Go To Layout script step. Thus, when you change a layout's name your "go to layout" steps will still refer to this layout except for this one exception. Of course Get (layoutname) will still return the current layout name that you've assigned to a layout.


          So if you create a new layout and want an existing script to use Go To layout to select the new layout, you'll need to open the script and update its reference to the new layout, regardless of any name changes you have made.


          You might want to use the Duplicate Layout option in the layouts menu to make a copy of a layout and then modify the original layout to be what you want. That way you've preserved a copy of the layout to refer to during your design change, but all of your scripts will still refer to the "right" layout.

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            Kudos on making ugly layouts prettier (or better yet, professional).


            Rebuild the layout where it is.

            Try your new schema on a new layout, work out the color and shape scheme, then rebuild the existing layout once you've already decided what you want to end up with.


            If you use a new layout as your published layout, you'll have to go into your scripts which you say you don't want to do.

            Practice it offline, do it online.  The practive and decision making will make it a shorter transition time for your rebuild.


            And warn your users (especially if it's your bosses) that the schema change is coming.  People don't like surprises. 



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              Thank you very much both of you.

              (I knew I was in for a lot of work...)


              Well as I use to say, "most people don't like change and this is why they're stuck".

              Lets change the whole lot to a pretty, uniform and clean layout.


              I love changes...