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    Renewing a Layout



      Renewing a Layout


      I have a project information layout. This one record feeds a lot of information to my system input layout that will create a new record from the one record (project information layout). So I have one record in the project layout and 300 records in the system input layout.

      I want to create a new record in the project layout. At the same time, I need to create a fresh new system input layout. How can I do this. I want to package this in a runtime solution.

      Project 1 is one record.... System input is multiple serialized records from project 1

      now I want

      Project 2... one record    System input starting over but when I return to project 1, I still need all my information in the system input layout.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Do not try to create layouts from a script. Not only is this impossible in FileMaker, it'd be a very bad idea even if you could.

          It's important to note that you have two tables that go with your two layouts. They should be related in some way such as:

          Projects::ProjectID = SystemInput::ProjectID

          where ProjectID is a serial number field in Projects and a simple number field in SystemInput

          Then you can create a new record in Projects with a new Project ID and new records in SystemInput with the same project ID.

          To control what records are visible on the SystemInput layout, you either perform finds for a specific ProjectID or use Go To Related Records to bring them up.

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            Thanks Phil...