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Rental Database - check in - check out

Question asked by RayGerman on Oct 29, 2012
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Rental Database - check in - check out


     Does anyone know of a good starter solution for rentals? I have a project for a hotel that hold conventions and has AV equipment for rent.

     I am looking for a solution where the staff could checkout AV equipment for a set number of days, at the end of which the items will be automatically checked back in. In addition, if an item was checked out for an event on Monday and Tuesday, the item should not be available until Wed.

     A calendar would also be helpful, where the staff could look at the calendar and see what equipment is needed by which convention on a given day.

     I started to map out the DB and am looking something that will give me a jump start.  The starter solution would work but I figured, somebody has a good rental solution out there. There is not a ton of equipment... maybe 20 items with none having a quantity greater than 5. I would also like to be able to add setup fees and generate invoices.

     Thanks in advance,