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Rental Inventory Tracking

Question asked by patrick.dinsmore on Jan 15, 2013
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Rental Inventory Tracking


     Hi Folks, maybe something you can help me with or guide me in the right direction. i have a basic knowledge with filemaker programming and learning quickly as i go. 

     we run a production rental company and currently have an average system in place for tracking inventory and scheduling etc. i have started work on a FM database to deploy in its place. i am trying to acheive the following.

     first i must explain the way i currently have the inventory set up as this is one of the key things i need to keep in the system. so for example we have 1 type of inventory item "Loudspeaker A" but we actually own 10 of these units each of which has its own manufacturers serial number and a barcode "Loudspeaker A-1, A-2, A-3" etc. the reason we have this is because lets say 5 get rented to a venue and 5 get rented to another venue i want to be able to look into the system and for it to show me which specific loudspeaker is currently hired out at which venue. 

     Now on to my main question. how do i track these shipments and returns. in our current system i go to a quotation and once that quotation is confirmed i click a button that generates a shipping screen. in the shipping screen i have that line item and its current shipped qty. example "0/5 Loudspeaker A" as i scan each barcode "A-1,A-2,A-3" etc the qty updates until finally i have "5/5 Loudspeaker A" at which point my ship is complete, i can then print a report for that shipment and have my client sign for the items. meanwhile the individual items update their current location from "warehouse" to the name of the quotation they have been shipped to" 

     What are your recomendations on how to get started on this.