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Rental Property Data Base help.

Question asked by crashxx on Mar 9, 2014
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Rental Property Data Base help.


     Hello all, I am new to the FileMaker world.  My family owns a fair amount of rental property in a college town, 180 units, and has done everything on paper since the 70’s.  I will be taking over the management of this part of our business and want to computerize all that I can.  We have looked at some software but either they all either did too much, not enough, or would not run on a mac.  I have been trying to educate myself on FileMaker and believe I have a fair grasp of it.  I would like some advice for my tables, fields, and relationships so I’m sure my foundation is set up correctly.  The tables I think I need are: Tenants, Properties, Owners (we own all except 5  units), Payments.  I also have a join table for Leases to relate Tenants to Properties.  I’m not sure how to handle the individual units in some properties.  Some are mulit unit, up to 20, and others are stand alone houses.  I would like to track expenses for each unit and complex (new roofs would be per complex, work done to an individual unit would be per unit).  Anyway, I need a little help getting started.  Thank you for your time and suggestions.  Attached is a screen shot of my relationships in my test file.