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Reoccurring Import Feature + Across Multiple PCs

Question asked by BillViola on Apr 26, 2013
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Reoccurring Import Feature + Across Multiple PCs


Hi guys, First time posting to the forum. I'm not too familiar with FileMaker, so sorry if this is a pretty basic question. I've set up a database using three Excel files being imported into a database utilizing the reoccurring import feature. The problem is, I need other users (who also have Filemaker) to be able to view this database on different computers. I understand that the reoccurring import feature would only work on my computer, but is there a way I can somewhat automate this database but have it so other users on different computers can view it? How would I make a script for something like that? Again I'm new to FileMaker so sorry if this is basic. I've been teaching myself using a lot of information posted here on the forums, and I think it's a tremendous resource. Thanks.