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Reordering data in Multiple Tables

Question asked by CountryBoy1 on Jan 1, 2009
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Reordering data in Multiple Tables


  If the data is reordered (sorted) in a main table, is there any

 convenient, SAFE, way to do the following:


   I.  Reorder the data in all the dependent child tables as per the main table.

  II.  Reset the Index (key) in the main table and the dependent Index value

       in all the child tables as sequential values (1,2,3,....N).  The Index key

       in the main table would not like this action for it is: indexed, auto enter serial,

       unique, allow override.  Also, most of the Indexes in the child tables are also

       unique and "unique" would find conflicts when resetting the Index. 


       It seems like there could be all kinds of turmoil in Step II as relationship values

       were swapped around before the Index values were finalized. This may be a

       bad idea.  Perhaps Step I could be achieved.  Thanks for your help.