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Repeat Calculations upon login

Question asked by LarsGrieten on Mar 20, 2013
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Repeat Calculations upon login



     Small question regarding auto repeat calculation upon loading a layout

     Currently I have a table where I fill in the names of persons who are on holidays. They contain the name, the day that they leave and the day they return. There is also an extra field that calculates if the day of return is greater that the current date and fills in a 1 or 0. This 0 or 1 serves to feed a  filter in a portal on an other layout.

     When working in an other layout I created a portal to recall the patients that are currently absent and when they are back (current date is larger than date of return) they should disappear automatically from the portal. However this works fine when working in the same sessions but when logging out and coming back the day after, the calculations are not updated to check current date and the portal is not updated.

     Is there a way to update all record calculation in the table upon loading the layout?

     If not clear please let me know

     Thanks in advance!!