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    Repeater fields



      Repeater fields


      Help please!!!

      Is there a way to have a field in a database that represents a repeater field, but is displayed in one field, for example:


      Repeater field 1 - orange

      Repeater field 2 - apple

      Repeater field 3 - banana

      Repeater field 4 - mandarine


      Single field to display data from repeater field:

      orange, apple, banana, mandarine

      Does this make sense?

      Thanks Jodie :)

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          Your post doesn't explain what you mean by a "repeater field"

          A field with a 4 value value list could be set up with either global storage--one value for all records in the table or non-global storage--a different value for every record.

          The 4 values, orange, apple, banana and mandarine could be 4 values in a custom value list or 4 records in a table set up to store them for use with your value list if you set it up with the "use values from field" option.

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            Hi there,

            Thanks for responding to my post.  Sorry I'm not that advanced with my calculation skills.  What I'm wanting to do is produce a list of values based on the contents of a repeating field.  I have created a value list (my list contains about 30 entries) and set up the repeating field, now I want to write a calculation in a new field that takes all the entries in the repeating field and displays them like - orange, apple, banana, mandarine, etc.


            Jodie :) 

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              Check out the snap below - it shows the repeating field, the list of the field, and the formula you need for the list

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                Hi Chris,

                OMG you are awesome!!! thank you so much :)

                Hope you have a spectacular day! :)