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    Repeating Field Buttons



      Repeating Field Buttons


      Is there a way to set a repeating field as a button that can detect which repetition was clicked? Unfortunately the solution needs to be IWP compatible, so a Script Trigger [Get ( ActiveRepetitionNumber) ] on field entry won't work. As I have a field with 48 Reps it would be much easier (and quicker to implement!) for me to have 1 object than 48 separate ones!

      The only thing I can find that give the rep number without using a script trigger is using Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) in the tooltip, but I'm pretty sure that's a dead end!


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          You could set up 48 buttons which pass the number 1 through 48 as script parameters to a script that also places the cursor in the correct field and repetition when clicked. Then make these buttons transparent and place them on top of each repetition.

          But a table of related records in a portal would be easier as you'd then have just one button and you can use Get ( PortalRowNumber ) to determine which was clicked.

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            Unfortunately I can't use a portal as I'm already using list view!

            I'm developing a room booking system and need to display all the meetings that occur each day in each room (see the screen shot I've now attached to the original post). Each row is a meeting room and then the shaded bits are the meetings that day.

            I need to see all the rooms available on the system, hence list view. Visually a portal won't work here! (Although a portal with horizontal scrolling would be ideal!)

            The 48 buttons was already my backup plan, but is's a bit of a pain having 48 little buttons floating around (particularly when they're invisible) - and it takes 48 times longer!

            I was just hoping there was solution I hadn't found!

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              Portals can be used in list view. You can even place 48 one row portals side by side with each set to display a different row of the total--this is called a horizontal portal. And buttons can be devised so that you can see a subset of the total 48 at a time and use the buttons to shift through them--not quite scrolling, but close to the same effect.

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                I hadn't thought of one row portals! That might just work, cheers!

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                  Unfortunately 48 portal rows don't do the job for me! Since it's not 48 meetings per day! It's a smaller number of meetings that will cover up to 48 15 minute blocks. However I would like to thank you for the idea of 1 row portals - using them with portal filtering seems to be much quicker than my calc field was!

                   Anyway back to the copying/pasting of buttons/portals!

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                    Hmmm, surely you could have each record be a 15 minute interval?

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                      So you're suggesting changing the relationship graph to something like:


                                     RoomID                           MeetingID & Time

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                        Why not this?

                        Meeting::MeetingID = Interval::MeetingID
                        Meeting::RoomID = Rooms::RoomID

                        Where Meeting::MeetingID and Rooms::RoomID are auto-entered serial numbers.