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    Repeating Field Calculation



      Repeating Field Calculation



      I have a calendar layout from Data4Life free filemaker database.

      I'm using a calendar month layout that is based upon calendar rows as a repeating field [7]

      I'm not sure how this works, but there are 5 lines like a calendar and the 7 repeating fields that show the calendar days.

      I've made a relationship between the calendar day field (which results the calendar day date i.e. 1/1/10) and a ship date on my packing slips for orders.

      I'm wanting to show how many orders shipped on each day on the calendar but i'm not that familar with how to work with repeating field.

      Please let me know any question and i can try to explain better.

      If anyone is familiar with the Data4Life database, i left everything the same.

      Thank you for your help!

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          You can use aggregate functions like sum, max, average etc. with repeating fields and get the sum or other function of all the repetitions.

          Sum ( Repeatingfield ) , for example totals up all the values in the repetitions.

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            Well my first problem is the display date is a repeating field showing 1/1/10    1/2/10    1/3/10

            Then i made the relation between the display date and the packing slip ship date (ship date is not a repeating field).

            How do i make the packing slip ship date show up on the calendar?

            If i put a ship date field on top of the display date then nothing happens.

            I'm just unsure how to have the repeating display date get the orders that shipepd on the date shown on the repetition and add them up.

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              Don't think that relationship will work for you. A repeating field works just like a list of return separated values when used as a match field in a relationship. If you have 1/1/10, 1/2/10, 1/3/10 in different repetitions of the same field, they will match any fields in the related table that have dates of 1/1/10 OR 1/2/10 OR 1/3/10...

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                So if the repeating field is working fine to result the calendar days, is there anything that i can do to show an additional data in relation to those calendar days?

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                  I don't see how you can implement what you want with a repeating field of dates. You may want to investigate other calendar tools and see if one of them has a different approach that works or maybe someone else here on the forum can conceive of a way.

                  As far as I can figure, you'd need separate date fields--each with a separate relationship for each day of your week--in order to get a list of matching records for each day.