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Repeating Field Calculation

Question asked by mgxdigital on Jul 16, 2010
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Repeating Field Calculation



I have a calendar layout from Data4Life free filemaker database.

I'm using a calendar month layout that is based upon calendar rows as a repeating field [7]

I'm not sure how this works, but there are 5 lines like a calendar and the 7 repeating fields that show the calendar days.

I've made a relationship between the calendar day field (which results the calendar day date i.e. 1/1/10) and a ship date on my packing slips for orders.

I'm wanting to show how many orders shipped on each day on the calendar but i'm not that familar with how to work with repeating field.

Please let me know any question and i can try to explain better.

If anyone is familiar with the Data4Life database, i left everything the same.

Thank you for your help!