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Repeating Field Calculation

Question asked by herrmy76 on May 7, 2014
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Repeating Field Calculation



     I have 2 fields with 5 reps each.

     Field Name: bidtype_number (5 reps)

     Field Name: bidtype_date (5 reps)

     I have entered "1" into bidtype_number and the below script returns the date in bidtype_date

     If [bid cost::bidtype_number = "1"]

     Insert Current Date [Select; bid cost::bidtype_date]

     Script Trigger = OnObjectValidate and i have attached it to this script.

     I would like to make this work for the next 4 repeating fields.  How do i make the data in the second repetition of bidtype_number result as a date in the second repetition of bidtype_date?


     It should look something like this...

     Bid Number              Bid Date

             1                        01/05/2014

             2                        04/05/2014

             3                        07/05/2014