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Repeating Field Display on Layout

Question asked by KevinForte on Nov 19, 2010
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Repeating Field Display on Layout


I've noticed that Filemaker let's you create a field as a repeating filed, but this type of storage is counter intuitive for a relational database.

My database has 2 Tables:


GAMES (ID,HomeID, AwayID,Date,Time)

I have a layout for the TEAMS table that has a portal for the games for that team.  I am trying to display a repeating field in the header of this layout that will display all the TEAMLOGOs for all the teams in the TEAMS table and assign a script button that will navigate to the teams record when clicked.

Possibly in the future be able to add a filter that will only show the teams for the conference that the current selected team is in.

I thought I could "repeat" a layout object across because I vaguely remember being able to do so in Access.  Can someone help me out?

Do I create a new table and add all the teams logos to 1 repeating field and try to program the button to use the RepeatingFieldValues?  This seems like a common thing people would want to do, but Filemaker has not made it very simple to build.