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Repeating field or portal?

Question asked by lemmeadam on Oct 19, 2012
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Repeating field or portal?


     I've been away from FileMaker for a while and am having a tough time figuring out a solution to my issue:

     I have two databases in my table, Students and Sponsors.  For the students, I want to capture their interests (e.g. medicine, engineering) and for the sponsors I want to have industry keywords (e.g. nursing, medicine).  The goal is to be able to match student interests with sponsor keywords through a script.

     What I can't figure out is whether to have Students::Interests be a repeating field OR set up Student Interests as portal rows via a separate table (and the same for Sponsors/Keywords).  The key issue is that I want to maintain the possibility of having one interest of many match one keyword of many.

     What is the best way to handle?