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Repeating field or Portals w/seperate table?

Question asked by SaterInc on Nov 11, 2009
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Repeating field or Portals w/seperate table?


Here is my latest dilema,  In my job database each record contains about 10 sets of 3 fields that stores my outgoing shipments to that record, they are currently related to a seperate table that identifies outgoing shipments with a ID number.  The way I set this up has obvious limitations though, namely that each record can only have 10 outgoing shipments assigned to it before the user is prompted to ask there system adminstrator to add more.

What I'm trying to do now is be able to store a near limitless amount of shipments to one record and still be able to view/extract/move that data between tables.  One route I was thinking was using the repeating fields option so I could have 1 set of 3 fields with 20+ repetitions. The other thought was using another table so i can store a record for each shipment, bearing in mind that several of the job records could be tied to my outgoing shipments table with the related ID number, then also have to be tied to this new table to retrieve the outgoing qty.  I can't store the qty to my outgoing shipments table because I could have several different parts with different qty going out on one ID number, and I would run into the same problem of having to either create a repeating field, or several fields to store different qty, and also the part number and job# so I can relate it to individual records in the Job Database.

Well if any of that nonsense made sense to anyone, what are your guys thoughts? New table? repeating field? or if anyone else a better solution i'm open to ideas