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repeating field or separate fields

Question asked by mgores on Aug 1, 2011
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repeating field or separate fields


I have a test form where there are up to 4 tests that can be defined.  Each of the tests has fields for testname, testEquip, caldate, minvalue, maxvalue, etc.

There is a portal below to the Data table where the Sample#, T1value, T2value, T3value and T4value are entered.

For some of the fields, I would like to have a drop down value list based on past entries for all 4 instances of that field, say testEquip.  and I would like to have the T1-T4values conditionally formated based on the min/max values entered in their respective fields in the Form table.

If I used repeating fields for the Form test definitions, it is easy to set up the value list to past values for all of the repetitions.  However it is easier to define the conditional formatting if they are separate fields.

Any opinions on the best way or an alternate way.  I've thought of having yet another table, but the file is already getting pretty complex with tables for the Root, each form type (about 22 and counting) and data, with data from 2-3 tables on each layout already.