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Repeating Field usage

Question asked by snimmo on Nov 15, 2012
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Repeating Field usage


     I have heard a lot of conversation about using or not using repeating fields and would like some guidance on a particular need.

     I am trying to replicate an application I developed in Access which used some array calculations and was wondering if this would be, indeed, one of those situations where repeating fields would make sense.

     The application has three groups of ten fields in a single record. One group of values is predetermined and represents a weighting of each occurance, one group is entered by the user and the last group gets calculated using the first two groups. Each field withing a group acts exactly the same and the formula for the calculation would be exactly the same. It would be advantagous to be able to call a custom function by looping through each of the ten iterations of fields like you would with an array instead of having to code each field calculation individually.

     There will probably be numerous situations where comparisons or calculations might occur on these three groups of fields but again each occurance of the fields in any given group would react the same as any other occurance within the same group.

     Maybe there is a better way to do this within Filemaker but if so I haven't stumbled across it yet.

     Any help or alternative solution would be welcome.

     Thank you.