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Repeating field with drop down menu list

Question asked by DanielGarcia on Sep 5, 2014
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Repeating field with drop down menu list



I am working from an existing layout for a basic ordering form.  It was setup with a repeating field for Item number, one for item description, one for pricing.  I want to make the item number repeating field into a drop down list, so I can select an item#, and then relate it to the item description so it automatically fills in the description.  I manged to relate a a new table I created will all the vendor, item#, description information to my main order table.  I can select an item number and the first field in the repeating description gets auto-filled,but when I select the next item# field, either 1) it changes the first description, and not the second one, or 2) it does nothing.

Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong, and if there is a better way to get this?  I tried playing around with portals, but could not get anywhere with it.

Thanks in advance.