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Repeating Field?

Question asked by RichardStrohman on Dec 19, 2013
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Repeating Field?


     Hello all,

     I am working with a database I made last year when I first started using Filemaker.  When I first started using Filemaker I did not know how to work with multiple tables and portals.  I have since learned, but now I need to change something on the old database.

     I was wondering if there was a way that I can show multiple fields of certain records.  What I have is a database that stores information of fiberglass tanks.  So when I have a order I enter in the PO number of the order along with some other information including the size of the tank.

     I would like to have a layout that shows the different tank sizes of a PO number in one field.  The different size tanks are each on their own record though.  (For example: I enter a PO Number for three tanks.  That is three different records.  When the first record is entered it is just duplicated and then the tank info is changed)

     Is there a way to do what I am wanting?