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Repeating fields

Question asked by aematt on Jan 15, 2010
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Repeating fields


I'm a developer who's put a fair share of the FM's capability to work but only for my own company....  so I lack a broader perspective that comes with developing for various clients.  My suite of FM tables/files has never been asked to interact with other databases, spreadsheets, import large data files, etc. for instance.  At any rate I was hoping to get some more in-depth perspective on the admonishment to avoid the use of repeating fields


I've successfully used repeating fields as multi-key fields - data entry via a value list of available data in the other table - in lieu of carriage separated data in a single field for instance.  A variation of the build in #2949 Building Many-to-Many Relationships Without a 'Join' File


I've also used them more extensively in estimating forms where descriptions, units, quantities, price/unit, can all be entered on corresponding repeating fields.


I'm just starting my first major update/rewrite of my database suite and am trying to decide if I need to eliminate all/most/none of my repeating fields.  I'm also planning to get certified this spring.


Would anyone be able to direct me to a good source of info on this topic?  If repeating fields are a big problem will they be eliminated eventually?  Or, do they have a place in our developments?


Thanks to all who participate here.