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    Repeating Fields



      Repeating Fields


      The database I am working with has some repeating fields which i need to report on. How can i pull the information from fields that are repeating?

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          Steve Wright

          To reference repetitions of a field you would use something like : 

          table::field[2] for the second repetition.

          Also, If you are using Summary fields, there is an option which allows you to either Summarize repetitions 'All together' or 'individually'

          If you choose individually, the summary will have the same number of repetitions as the field it is summarising.  i.e

          Repeating field named "test"  - Test contains values of |10|20|30|40|

          Test[2] would return 20 

          Summary Field with Total of Test (all Together) would return 100
          Summary Field with Total of Test (individually) would return |10|20|30|40| in their own repetition.