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Repeating fields

Question asked by MichaelPoling on Feb 12, 2014
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Repeating fields


     Hey everyone, 

     Question about using repeating fields.

     I would like to have a repeating field to hold a name of a test, and another repeating field to hold the result of the test.  I was thinking to keep away from creating an entirely new table for it, as I will have this occur quite a few times (once for each body part.)

     If I simply create a field named "TestName" with 10 repetitions, and another named "TestResult" with 10 repetitions, all sitting beside each other on the layout, will the database not maintain the relative position of all of the repeats (i.e., will it maintain the test name with the appropriate test result?)

     I'd like to keep all of the within the same table, as they really are all the data type of data....

     Or am I better going with a different table?