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Repeating Fields and Lookups

Question asked by SusanHales on Nov 21, 2013
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Repeating Fields and Lookups


     I am trying to help a friend out with a FM problem. They had a FM database in v6 and I helped them upgrade to v12. Now they're experiencing a problem. I haven't used FM since v8, so please have patience with me :-)

     Here's the problem: There is an Invoices table and an Inventory table. There is a relationship established between them using the ItemID field. The Invoices table has three repeating fields for itemizing the things to be purchased: ItemID, ItemDescription and UnitPrice. Both ItemDescription and UnitPrice are defined to be lookups to the Inventory table. When I enter an ItemID (in the Invoices table) in the first repetition of the ItemID field, then ItemDescription and UnitPrice are automatically filled in from the Inventory table, just the way they should be. But if I enter an ItemID into the second repetition, then no information is pulled over from the Inventory table. I cannot figure out why not; it worked in FM 6. The behavior is the same whether I am using FileMaker Pro 12 for Mac or Windows.

     Please don't suggest that I convert the repeating fields into a LineItems table; I know this is the right way to go, but I can't re-design the solution at this time (believe me, I didn't design it in the first place! :-)). I did a Google search and have found this same question asked more than once, but no one ever answers (except to tell the questioner that they should use a LineItems table rather than repeating fields).

     Thank you very much in advance for your assistance!