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Repeating Fields and Months

Question asked by james.gould on Apr 4, 2011
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Repeating Fields and Months


Almost everything I've ever read about modern versions of filemaker says that you shouldn't use repeating fields to store data, as using a relationship is a much better solution for many reasons... However, I'm currently designing a financial system and I think that repeating fields might end all my problems! I just wanted to check I'm not going to cause myself problems later.

Each project of undetermined length will need some financial information (e.g. Monthly budget) associated with it - preferably with a year to view at a time, where the user can easily edit the information. If I store the months as a child of the Project table it is proving difficult to get filemaker to create new 'month' record when the user types a figure into one of the month fields...

I already know you're thinking that if the projects are of 'undetermined length' that repeating fields will put an end to it! What I'm thinking is that I have a child table consisting of years, rather than individual months. Since years usually consist of 12 months, I think that a child table named Year with a repeating field (e.g. monthlyBudget[12]) would be ideal... Then by "allowing creation of records through this relationship" if the user types a number in any of the repetitions filemaker would unbeknown to the user create the associated year for that project.

It seems like the perfect solution, but I've been told not to use repeating fields so many times I thought I'd put it out there before getting myself into trouble!