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Repeating Fields as Data Array?

Question asked by Lust4Kicks on May 18, 2010
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Repeating Fields as Data Array?


Looking forward in seeing what kind of response this will generate...


Trying to work through this design, and will illustrate the scenario:


Sales company with a dozen employees that distribute up to 4-5 different products.

Total number of each product distributed is recorded each day.

The first pay period equals to total of each product (recorded daily) from the 1st of the month to the 15th.

The second pay period is the same for day 16 - 30 or 31st.


Does that make sense? :-)


Currently, all this info is being recorded on a spreadsheet, but this has resulted in tons of Excel worksheets/workbooks, etc.


In my design, I considered 2 options, one using 2 Repeating Number Fields to record items distributed in each pay period. Very simple to type in a number each day, and it totals up with a summary field. The problem with this is the summary field remains the same for each employee, so obviously I'm clueless somewhere.


The other option was using 31 individual fields (per each product for each day) and 2 calc fields to total each period. If an employee distributed 5 different products each day, it would take 155 fields and that doesn't seem right either.


Looking for a better idea from any of the guru's out there.


Thanks in advance.