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Repeating fields issue

Question asked by onamac on Feb 19, 2010
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Repeating fields issue


Hi. I have a table listing "Songs" written. Each record will be a new song. In this layout I had placed repeating fields to list musicians that performed on the song, and their fees. Each field is laid out in a row, like a spreadsheet, with a repeat of 5 to accommodate 5 musicians:




Musician ID     Date      Musician Name     Part Used      Fee Paid 

1             12-12-09        John Doe                  Yes               $200

2             12-14-09       Tom Smith                 Yes               $100



Secondly, I have a table called "Musicians" (with a separate layout) that lists the musician main details like address, phone etc. I also have a portal bringing in these fields (plus song ID and title) from songs, to give me a synopsis of what songs each musician has performed. It would look like this:


John Doe 


Date        Song ID      Song Title     Fee Paid 

12-12-09      2            Whatever         $200

12-29-09      4            Somesong        $150



Each field in this portal is displaying its data from "Songs". (songs::date) etc. 


In each person's record, this portal is correctly listing the songs that each musician had played on, so when I go from record to record, the song titles and quantity of them changes per musician, and they are accurate. However, the other fields (such as fees and dates) display only the data from whatever is in the first repeating field in "songs". They should be reflecting the date and the fee paid to a particular musician for that particular song.