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Repeating Headers after Subsummary Part?

Question asked by ColinJim on Jun 14, 2013
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Repeating Headers after Subsummary Part?


     Hi all

     I'm creating a report that is first sorted by a subsummary part (in this example, "District") and then lists fields underneath.  I don't like how the headers for those fields are above the subsummary.  Is there anyway to put them below so that they repeat on every page?

     In the attached example I'd like to see "District 3 Preston - Lawerencetown - Chezzetcook" above "Bridge, Element Name, Condition, Maintenance Need, Maintenance Timeline".

     Since I am asking questions, I'd also like to know if it is possible to repeat the subsummary at the top of each page if its content extends past one page?

     Thanks in advance!


     PS - Ignore the butt ugly layout.  Just trying to make things functional at this point....