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Repeating Panels:  Can I Get Them To Appear by Using Radio Buttons?

Question asked by jdanniel on Jun 19, 2010
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Repeating Panels:  Can I Get Them To Appear by Using Radio Buttons?


Hello everyone.


I'm using Filemaker Pro 10, and it's running on Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.


I'm in the process of creating a (hopefully) very simple movie collection database.  It's flat file--I don't think I need anything relational.   But I think this project might be just a little more complicated than I anticipate. 


Some of the DVD's in my collection have only one movie on them.  I will call them a Single-Movie DVD.


Some of the DVD's in my collection have two or more movies on them.  I will call these a Multi-Movie DVD.


I want to be able to differentiate between these DVD's.  I think I know how to do that…just create a field with two radio buttons: SINGLE and MULTI.


Here's where things probably get tricky, and it's what I need help with.


If I select MULTI, I want Filemaker Pro to auto-generate a serial number (or something like it) for the DVD.  And I want a repeating panel to appear for the titles of the movies on the DVD.  But I want the titles in the repeating panel to be part of a search, if I search for a movie's title.  


The single movie DVD's will be sorted alphabetically, whereas the multi-movie DVD's will be sorted numerically.


I hope what I just said makes sense, and I hope I worded it well.  I'm not really a database design expert.


Is this stuff possible with a flat-file database?  Or will I need to create some sort of relational database to enable a repeating panel?


Is it possible to just create two separate databases, one just with single movie DVD's, and one with multi-movie DVD's, but link them together somehow just for search purposes?


What would be the most sensible and practical way to go about designing a database such as this?  All I really need are the movie titles, and the DVD's number.



Thank you for any assistance you care to give.   J. Danniel