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repeating subrecord creation

Question asked by jimgatl on Jun 23, 2010
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repeating subrecord creation


I new, using v7, on an XP machine.

what is the best way to create a "sub record" using a recurring set of fields? Example: I create a record for a customer. As part of the record/"form" with that customers information data, I created a tab called "contact tracking" with the fields  "Called by" "date customer called" Type of call" "Outcome" and "comments." I call this row of fields a 'Call Record."

 I want to create a button on the contacts tab that inserts a "new call record" on the tab that consists of the above listed fields, and would retain the data for each call in that clients record.
operationally it should work as follows: I get a new customer Joe. I create a new record with all his information and save it. He calls that afternoon. I search and find his recored by name, click on the "contact tracking" tab, and click a "new call/contact" button. Just below the button, a single row of 5 cells with the above listed field names, a Call record"  is inserted onto the tab. I enter the information about the call. and close the recored. That afternoon, I call Joe back, search, find the record, click the contact tracking tab, click the "new call/contact" button, and a new row in inserted above, and pushing down, the previous row that contains the call information from the 1st call. Every time this button is clicked, a new call record would be inserted for population, with no limit on the number of "call records."  each call record remains strictly tied to that customer record. thanks for any advice you can provide.