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Repeating Text Field Overflow to next repeating text field

Question asked by JohnAnderson on Jul 14, 2011
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Repeating Text Field Overflow to next repeating text field


Using Filemaker Pro 9, I have created a purchase order database which pulls information from our parts database, based on the part # I put in. Based on the part # I enter, it retrieves the part #'s description from a separate part # database and enters that part's description into the purchase order database.  

EX: I enter in part # 1234. When I tab to the description field, the description is automatically populated from the part # database so I get:

Part # 1234  Description:  Bearing

The problem I am trying to resolve, is that sometimes the description doesn't fit nicely into the description field. When it doesn't fit into the description field, the extra description text flows underneath the text that fits.


Part # 4561  Description: Bearing with steel casting, Diameter 4.5"

width 6.5", inner diameter 1".

However the extra text is hidden by the next blank description line.

What I have been doing to get around this, is cutting the excess text (Ctrl-C) and pasting it into the next line's Description field (Ctrl-V). I would like Filemaker to do this automatically though.

Can anyone help me, possibly with a script that will tell filemaker

1. If the # of characters in description field is greater than EX: 30 characters

THEN Copy characters 31-40 into next description text field  (etc. etc.)