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    Repeating Values - SOS



      Repeating Values - SOS


      When i created my database i had the help of someone that "knew" what they were doing.

      now when i try to run certain reports, since he used repeating values, i cant do a lot of things.

      so i went thorugh and erased all the repeating values and created new ones.  (i brought it down from 20 to 1 then copied them).

      now when i enter in my data it copies the same into each of the 20 rows.  he used the relationships between the tables and i am not that familiar with that part. 


      i am attaching some photos as reference. 


      can someone please help me figure out how to have 20 individual rows that do the same thing as the first.  that is, when i type in a name in the 'product description'field, the 'product ID', 'price,' and 'color' from the corresponding style comes up.


      thank you so much


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          Have you worked with portals before? If not, start by looking up this concept in FileMaker Help or any training materials that you have.

          When you replace repeating fields with a single field, you then almost always need multiple records in a related table to take the place of the repeating field. Then a portal can display these related records--giving you much greater flexibility than is possible when using repeating fields.

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            Thank you.


            I just did a basic Lynda tutorial on portals and understand the basic use and set up.  how would i use this to replace the repeating fields?


            if i have a PO with 20 rows (that used to be repeating), do i now make 20 ports?


            how would i link them to make it so when i type in the Product Description the color, price and ID pop up in the other fields?


            thanks for your help.  this is fun

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              It would be one portal with a scroll bar that can display 1,2, 20, 2000 line items for your PO.

              PO's and invoices are basically identical except that the money travels in the opposite direction. The same basic structure works for both.

              Here's a very simple Invoicing demo you can adapt to use for PO's. It was created by Comment, who was formerly quite active in this forum:  http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/

              Note that FileMaker comes with starter solutions for PO's and invoices. While they are much more elaborate than this demo, they are built around the same 3 tables and relationships as this demo.

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                ok thank you.  ill try to work with this to make my system work.  i really should start from scratch but so much work has been put into this and i spent 5 hours yesterday chaning everything from repeating to individual just to have them not work.  frustrating.


                im sure ill be back in here soon.


                appreciate the help.