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Repeating Values - SOS

Question asked by Malibux14x on Aug 30, 2011
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Repeating Values - SOS


When i created my database i had the help of someone that "knew" what they were doing.

now when i try to run certain reports, since he used repeating values, i cant do a lot of things.

so i went thorugh and erased all the repeating values and created new ones.  (i brought it down from 20 to 1 then copied them).

now when i enter in my data it copies the same into each of the 20 rows.  he used the relationships between the tables and i am not that familiar with that part. 


i am attaching some photos as reference. 


can someone please help me figure out how to have 20 individual rows that do the same thing as the first.  that is, when i type in a name in the 'product description'field, the 'product ID', 'price,' and 'color' from the corresponding style comes up.


thank you so much