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Repetition Field and Lookup

Question asked by sugarking on Jul 23, 2009
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Repetition Field and Lookup


Hi Friends,

I have a situation and need some help.

I have a very simple database that has three fields :


ProductID ( this is Text field and it is also a  lookup field with a control style (edit box) that show all the values from another table for me to select ). It also has been set to do a vertical repetition for 8 fields.


Product  ( is also a text field and i will like to show the description of the product here ) I have used also a repetition to create 8 fields. ) The description should come from the selectio of the produtID.


Quantity ( a numeric field )


 Price (numeric)


Total ( a calculation field that takes the price times the quantity )


In the end this is like a purchase order. But, i will like to select or enter in the stockid field the item and then repeat the question for the other 7 items and be able to show the descrption for each item. In other words,


ProductID        Description  Quantity Price  Total

100                PENS               1         2       2

200                PENCILS          10        5       50


HERE, i only enter the 100 but i also have a control stlye edit box that shows me all the items.


My problem is : that whenever i select the 200 item PENCILS wont appear in the second line, it will appear in the top line.


i hope this is clear enough and look forward to receiving some help


i am stuck