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Repetition field question

Question asked by Olex on Apr 17, 2010
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Repetition field question


Hello everyone.

I'm using FM11Pro and I have a question:


I have one field with 2 repetitions in it (Attendence Day),

One person is attending 2 days (Monday and let's say Thursday).

How can I swap values from repetition 1 to repetition 2 and the other way around.

I need it because it gets messy with my report layout, when I search specific day, it shows the time from Repetition 1 only.


So basically I need a script that swaps "Monday' (repetition field 1) with "Thursday" (repetition field 2):



repetition field 1 : MONDAY

repetition field 2 : THURSDAY


repetition field 1 : THURSDAY

repetition field 2 : MONDAY


Is there any way I can do that, so it doesn't affect my report in FM11?


Thank you