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Replace field content based on input

Question asked by VincentH on Mar 16, 2012
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Replace field content based on input


Hi all,


I've 2 tables one containing a fix list of values, the other is table a containing all the "changable" data.

Table 1: (the 3-letter data corresponds with the 4-letter data and vs)

3-letter        4-letter
AAA             ABCD
BBB              ABCE
...                  ....

Table 2:
TextField  -  4-lettercode

Table 1 and 2 are relationally linked by 4-lettercode.


In the end TextField needs to have a 4-letter code. But on data entry I would like to have the possibility to enter the 3-letter code wich automaticly changes it to the 4-letter code on leaving the TextField. Ofcourse nothing needs to be done when the field is entered by a 4-letter code.


Any suggestions?