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    Replace Field Contents



      Replace Field Contents


      I'm trying to help a friend with a problem.

      She created a shipping database and did it completely wrong. So we're trying to fix the problem.

      She has built 5 different fields for shipping when she really only needs one.

      Currently she has a field for shipping, best way prepaid, best way collect, bestway frieght, best was other shipper, fedex and ups. These are all checkbox fields by the way.

      On each record, only one of these checkboxes are marked.

      We've made a new field called carrier. Is there any way for a script or something to mark the new field carrier as whichever one of the checkbox fields has a value?

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          Here's a rough script idea:

          Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


          If [yourtable::oldcarrierfield = "UPS"]

          SetField [yourtable::newcarrierfield;"UPS"]

          Else If [yourtable::oldcarrierfield = "FedEx"]

            SetField [yourtable::newcarrierfield;"Fedex"]

          /* And so on and So forth...*/

          End If

          Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]

          End Loop

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            rdowler's suggestion is really clear, and that is a big plus.  If you want to do it in less (AND you are guaranteed that only one carrier has been ticked across all of the 5 fields - that's also a job for a radio button set, not a check-box, but anyways) then you could amend it to be:


            Set Field [yourtable:NewCarrierField = OldCarrierField1 & OldCarrierField2 & OldCarrierField3 & OldCarrierField4 & OldCarrierField5

            Go to Record [Next, Exit after last]

            End loop

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              Or just use Replace Field Contents with the calculation option, using Sorbsbuster's calculation, but no script.

              With all of these approaches, make a back up copy of your file first just in case you don't get the results you expected.

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                Woohoo!  Thanks everyone! This worked perfect.