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replace field contents

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 19, 2013
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replace field contents


     I am having an issue with replacing field contents based on the data of another field in the same table. I have tried calcs, script triggers, replace field contents, Ifs, cases and other ways!

     All I want to do is alter an existing category field that has three radio check boxes with the data "Trade, Customer or employee". I have another field that is for a discount amount. This is either 0 or more than 0. If it is more than 0 I want the category field to check Trade. I haver used this as a calc on the categortuy field and as an replace contents but to no avail:


     If(Discount  = 0 ; Category = "Customer" ;  Category ="Trade")

     All fields are basic text fields at the moment and free to enter data in browse mode..

     I am sure it is something simple - a bit like how I feel at the moment!