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    Replace Field Contents



      Replace Field Contents


      I'm in a number field in Table View and want to Replace Field Contents in this field.  I did the following:

      Sort the records in Table View by Journal::date in ascending order

      Select Records Menu

      Select Replace Field Contents...

      Click Replace with calculated results and the Specify... button
      In the Specify Calculation dialogue box that appears, I enter:

      GetSummary ( summaryruntotal_amount ; Journal::date ) then click OK button then Replace
      The number field that I was sitting in (at the first record of 1800 records) did not change at all and is still blank.
      Any ideas why the Replace Field Contents did nothing?  I do this process once a year and it always works.  This year it does not.
      I'm using FMPA 13.0v5 on Mac OS X 10.10.2  Thank you!







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          First thing to check would be to see if GetSummary ( summaryruntotal_amount ; Journal::date ) returns a value. You can check this in the data viewer if you have FileMaker Advanced and you can define a calculation field to test this if you do not.

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            Thank you PhilModJunk - I still get a blank result.  The summaryruntotal summary field is showing the correct values, but the get summary function in the number field is not grabbing the values.

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              GetSummary typically returns a null result for two possible reasons. both involve your break field, Journal::Date:

              a) The break field and summary field are not defined in the same table and referenced from the same table occurrence. If your current layout is not based on Journal, the expression you tried will not work.

              b) The current found set is not sorted in a sort order that includes the break field. Did you sort your records by the Journal::Date field?

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                Apparently, my problem is a).  I don't know why this is the case, as it worked every year in the past.  Thanks for the tip.