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Replace Field Contents - Communication Error

Question asked by IT_User on May 13, 2014
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Replace Field Contents - Communication Error


          I have a customer that I am creating new DB for, but until then, they are using their old one.

          They have this problem with their old one that when they do a Replace Field Contents it gives the error:

          "Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established.  All affected windows will be closed."

          It only crashes when their one field is categorized by certain data.  If that field has any other data beside that one criteria (and they do a find to get that into a found set), then when they do a Replace, it does not crash.

          The replace is not being done on the one field, it is being done on separate field(s), which are repeating field(s).  It doesn't matter if the replace is being done in a large found set or only a couple records.  They can manually type into the field without a problem.

          They only have one table.  This layout does not use script triggers or hidden buttons.  If I create a new layout, and try to do the find on that one field, and then the replace, it will crash.  It won't crash other computers, but will crash individually on each, if performed on there.

          They have Windows and they are connected through a VPN.

          Both and the customer has posted on Forums.  The one solutions was to take it off the server, do a recovery on the file, and then upload it again.  That had worked, but only for a while.  The answer I was given was that either some other user had been in there when the Replace-Field Contents had been occurring or there was validation.  The fields don't have validation, and they have tried it with only one person in the system. 

          Any help is appreciated, thanks!