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Replace field contents with another field match

Question asked by ClayReed on Dec 20, 2013
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Replace field contents with another field match



     GraphicResources table 

     I am trying to replace the field (Container) contents with another field (Container) contents when a field match occurs. 

     In the Graphic Resources table I have a container field for a graphic Image (GraphicImage) and a field for a Graphic Identifier (GraphicIdentifier) - this is 2 letters an a number. The user adds the graphic identifier and adds a jpg graphic to the GraphicImage container.



     On this layout I have a Container field (ColateralGraphicsA) and a CollateralGraphicIdentifier field as well. This identifier field pulls from a value list based in the GraphicResources table -  (GraphicIdentifier) field.


     I would like to select the drop down list on the CollateralGraphicIdentifier field and when a selection occurs (BG1 - shown) it will match the field in the GraphicResources table and set the container field in the CollateralResources table with the image from the GraphicResources container field.


     Here is the script I am trying that does not work:

     If [CollateralResources::ColateralGraphicIdentifier = GraphicResources::GraphicIdentifier]

       Set Field [CollateralResources::CollateralImageA; GraphicResources::GraphicImage]

     End If