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Replace Field Contents with MySql ODBC Data Source

Question asked by InvectusIlumni on Oct 16, 2011
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Replace Field Contents with MySql ODBC Data Source


Hi guys,

I have a table occurence [QUOTE WEB FORM] that retrieves data from an ODBC source (website MYSQL database) and I've created a relationship between that occurence and native table occurence [JOBS] where QUOTE WEB FORM is the parent.

To increase efficiency, I'd like to be able to import/copy data from the QUOTE WEB FORM table into the JOBS table with a simply click. To achieve that, I've created a script which worked perfectly the first time I tried it, but has since driven me nuts.

When I invoke the copy/import script, I get "Records Remaining To Update: 2650". Then it takes forever and I'm forced to stop the script since I don't want all but one record to be updated.


Here's the ERD:

And here are my script steps:

I should also mention that due to secutiy restrictions on the MYSQL remote server, I can't create or modify fields on the remote Table with the exception of calculaation fields.

I hope I was clear enough and thanks for any help.