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Replace last characters in a field

Question asked by AdDoctor on Jan 24, 2010
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Replace last characters in a field


I'm a novice, so please respond as if for an idiot.  I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 on a Mac.


I've created a table with several (text) calculation fields, and I've ended each one with a ", ". The last calculation field combines the results of all those fields into a string of text.  Basically, they string together to form a paragraph, but I want to replace that comma and space at the very end with a period.


So, what code do I use?  How do I add it ... do I just put it at the end of that calculation field?  The field is named "Summary" (I tell you that so you can use the actual field name in any code you suggest, rather than some variable I might misunderstand).




- Jef