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Replacing "1A1" with "2A1", "2B2" with "3B2" etc.

Question asked by otto_m on Sep 2, 2012
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Replacing "1A1" with "2A1", "2B2" with "3B2" etc.


I have a text field [GROUP] that shows semester and group and subgroup, e.g.: semester 1 + group A + subgroup 1 = 1A1,  semester 3 + group B + subgroup 2 = 3B2 etc.

In the fall term, the semester, i.e. the first digit is an odd number. In the spring term, the semester, again the first digit is an even number, such as semester 2 + group A + subgroup 1 = 2A1,  semester 4 + group B + subgroup 2 = 4B2 etc.

I want to make a copy of the current database for spring, and I would like to replace the FIRST digit of the field by an increment of "1", so that "1A1" becomes "2A1", "3B2" becomes "4B2", "5C3" becomes "6C3" etc.

Is there a way to do this in Filemaker?

Thank you for your prompt help, as always.