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    replacing a label



      replacing a label


      basically ive got a layout setup where initially i allow the user to input data ie a location and then it goes and does a find for all of those people at that location and shows it on a new layout, only thing is, i want the layout to have a heading based on the location that the user has inputted, any suggestions, thought about having a standard label up the top, giving it an object name and then selecting it and changing the text, but i couldnt make that work because i couldnt make it change the text, any ideas on things i can do? cheers

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          HI beckett85,


          The field that the user inputs there search criteria, is this a global field? or a field in another table.


          If it is a global then you could place that field at the top of your layout, or if not, alternatively setup a global field and populate it with the value of the search criteria when performing the search if it is scripted. 


          You have the choice of placing the field as a field on the layout and removing the ability to enter in Browse Mode, in Layout Mode go: Format > Field/Control > Behavior...


          Or you could place the field on the layout as a Merge Field by going Insert > Merger Field... in Layout Mode and selecting your global field.


          I hope this helps. 

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               cheers mate still learning the prog didnt know about global fiels and how they worked, very handy, thanks again
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              No worries, do post if you need any additional help in setting this up.